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Papers published by
"Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar"
University of Hamburg


K. Akahori: Normal Generation of Line Bundles of Degree 2g-1-2h1(L)-Cliff(X) on Curves ... 77

W. D. Banks: Compositions with the Euler and Carmichael Functions ... 215

O. Chein: When is an L(B,m,n,r,s,t,z,w) loop SRAR? ... 245

M. Hirabayashi: Generalizations of Girstmair's Formulas ... 83

Y. Hironaka: Functional Equations of Spherical Functions on p-adic Homogeneous Spaces ... 285

W. Jabo\'nski: On the Solutions of the Translation Equation in Rings of Formal Power Series ... 179

K. W. Johnson: Right Division in Groups, Dedekind-Frobenius Group Matrices, and Ward Quasigroups ... 121

Ch. Karpfinger: Zur Konstruktion bewerteter Dicksonscher Fastkörper ... 137

H. Karzel: Left Loops, Bipartite Graphs with Parallelism and Bipartite Involution Sets ... 203

K. Leichtweiß: Curves of Constant Width in the Non-Euclidean Geometry ... 257

S. Mizumoto: Congruences for Fourier Coefficients of Lifted Siegel Modular Forms I: Eisenstein Lifts ... 97

Y. Mizuno: The Rankin-Selberg Convolution for Cohen's Eisenstein Series of Half Integral Weight ... 1

M. Pankov: Transformations Preserving Adjacency and Base Subsets of Spine Spaces ... 21

C. Poor: The Extreme Core ... 51

G. F. Steinke: Flat Laguerre Planes Admitting 4-Dimensional Groups of Automorphisms that Fix at least Two Parallel Classes ... 163

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