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Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universität Hamburg

Contents - Volume 76

Author(s) Title Pages
C.-F. Bödigheimer Configuration Models for Moduli Spaces of Riemann Surfaces with Boundary pp. 191-233
J. Brzdęk, D. Popa and B. Xu Note on Nonstability of the Linear Recurrence pp. 183-189
M. Cencelj, Yu. V. Muranov and D. Repovš On the Splitting Problem for Manifold Pairs with Boundaries pp. 35-55
J. Chudziak Semigroup-Valued Solutions of the Goląb-Schinzel Type Functional Equation pp. 91-98
P. Csörgö and A. Drápal On Left Conjugacy Closed Loops in which the Left Multiplication Group is Normal pp. 17-34
W. Fechner On Functions with the Cauchy Difference Bounded by a Functional. III pp. 57-62
A. Georgakopoulos Infinite Highly Connected Planar Graphs of Large Girth pp. 235-245
I. Golonko, M. Prażmowska and K. Prażmowski Adjacency in Generalized Projective Veronose Spaces pp. 99-114
L. Hille On the Volume of a Tilting Module pp. 261-277
H. Ichimura Note on the Rings of Integers of Certain Tame 2-Galois Extensions over a Number Field pp. 63-68
J. Kosiorek and A. Matraś The Symmetry Axiom in Minkowski Planes pp. 1-16
H.-J. Kroll and S.-G. Taherian On the Minkowski Planes Constructed by Artzy and Groh pp. 69-77
G. Kuba Potenzieren und Wurzelziehen in rationalen Quaternionenalgebren pp. 157-181
F. Lemmermeyer Selmer Groups and Quadratic Reciprocity pp. 279-293
F. Luca and I. E. Shparlinski Some Divisibilities Amongst the Terms of Linear Recurrences pp. 143-156
G. Martens Linear Series Computing the Clifford Index of a Projective Curve pp. 115-130
T. Munemoto and S. Nagaoka Note on ρ-adic Hermitian Eisenstein Series pp. 247-260
G. Nebe Kneser-Hecke-Operators in Coding Theory pp. 79-90
M. Spirova On the Napoleon-Torricelli Configuration in Affine Cayley-Klein Planes pp. 131-142


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